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Hello Dear Visitor:
My real name is Augusto: GrandAdan is my nickname on Youtube and on Patreon.
First of all:
Thank you very much for your visit. Maybe, you came here because you saw me on youtube and in that case, you know it all about me, but, if you´re here just by coincidence, then I hope that I can convince you to stay at least for a while and what a great honour for me if you end up enjoying it.
I make videos on youtube:
Some of my videos are worth the time you can spend watching it. I will select only my best ones to be posted here:
I have been on Youtube for over 11 years so far, however, it´s only now during the latest months that I started working on it more seriously. I am a simple person who loves capturing beautiful moments, beautiful landscapes, beautiful architecture, beautiful monuments, beautiful towns, beautiful cities, beautiful nature etc. Some of my videos include also beautiful photos. I will continue doing it the same way, but always trying to make it the best that I can, learning with each one and with mistakes to improve my level to a position where I will feel  comfortable by showing what I do and where you, dear visitor, will be pleased to spend some of your time to travel around with me through your computer. Looking forward to not disappointing you and to deserve every moment you decide to come along and join me ... 
Yours sincerely:
$0 of $300 per month
For a drone and some more equipment! 
I would like to be able to film lovely aerial views.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts

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