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About Graxdon


I've been sharing a few posts of my world building on one of my writing projects the past few days on Twitter, Facebook, and my Rooster Teeth journal page, and figured I'd go ahead and make a patreon, see if I can get some fans with some spare scratch, and instead I'll post my writing stuff here. I have several irons in the works, but I'll focus on a more high-fantasy one unless people want to see all of the crap I'm working on. Some of my ideas I'd love to see done as comics as the final product, but since I'm no artist, I'm not going to set this as a 'comic' patreon and give people the wrong idea.

Also, by the by, I do lack an editor, so sometimes there may be run-on sentences and the like in some posts leading up to a final draft.
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I won't have to worry about rent or food, so I can spend more time focusing on writing and that sorta shit, so that's cool.
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