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About GrayAreaFarm

GrayArea Farm and The Gray Family are the hosts of The 'Steadcast: The home-stead and farm-stead podcast you listen in to in-stead of making the mistakes yourself. 

We are chronicling the ups and downs, successes and failures of our family's attempt to create a homestead and market garden on the plains of Colorado near Colorado Springs. Our podcast, blog, YouTube channel and Periscope feed will entertain and educate anyone who dreams of doing this themselves or just want to point and laugh.

Any time we spend on these feeds is time that could otherwise be spent digging, building or working on our off-farm income streams. That sunk cost can be pretty significant when you're talking about the time needed to record, post-produce and upload things like podcasts and videos.

Your patronage of The 'Steadcast and GrayArea Farm will help us build up more of the infrastructure needed to grow delicious, nutrient dense food for our customers. And give us the time to create delicious, nutrient-dense entertainment for you!

So if you are a fan of our show and blog, or just generally a fan of local food, permaculture and sustainable agriculture, please consider becoming a monthly patron!
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