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You're not made of money. I understand, neither am I. Still, you get access to the Great Gobbo Trash Heap!
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Hey look at this one with all the shinies! While I take inspiration from anywhere, if I formally come out asking for feedback or running polls, it's the Dukes/Duchesses and better that have a say.
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Gobbo Princess
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I really want to have something special for folks who invest this much into our mutual success. I suppose If anyone comes here, it'll be time to start GMing for Gobbos.

And no, there are no Gobbo Princes. It's not a sexism thing. We just all agree that Princess sounds better than Prince, like we're all more than one. 

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Games are great. They have always been there, sometimes greater, sometimes less so. Now, however, they're reaching new heights in greatness and new lows in being exploitative or manipulative of their players. Do you agree? Then let's dive in together.

I (the eternal, narcissistic I) love playing games--video games, board games, role-playing games. I am also, by my nature, an extremely critical person who tears apart everything I meet to try to find what's good and what's bad about it. 

So, here I am, playing video games for the most part, but sometimes other sorts of things, going over what's great, what's not-so-great, and how we might make everything better. But right now mostly just playing Stellaris because I'm depressed and complaining about the way their broken war system contrasts with the rest of their awesome game makes me feel better. The more money you throw at me, the more likely I am to take things seriously and be more varied. 
$14 of $1,500 per creation
Those who watch my streams know that job interviews interrupt, and I have to regularly break the ideal schedule for work related things. When I make this amount, I no longer need to do this.

I suppose I'll guarantee streaming during Free Stream time at this point.
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