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Who Was Neville and what was his significance

in helping humanity to Elavate themselves to 

Creating their reality.

The Power of Self Talk and how to use it to use your advantage

How to use your Imagination to manifest your best Self.

Testimonials of Neville Methods

My Book, About Your Power e-book version

Music that corresponds to Neville message  that will inspire you

to be your best Self.

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Neville Important Lectures on

Lecture on Understanding the Bible as  The greatest psychological book..Amazing insight

Lecture On how to be persistent in your assumptions in getting what you desire

Lecture on Commanding your Self Into Creating your Reality

Questions to help you get deeper in your innerstanding

Music that relates to the prior messages..

My music Response Ability

Weekly Q and A Sessions

G,O.D., Greatness Only Designer Level
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You Receive Level 1 plus 2

The G.O.D. Level Innerstand

- Lecture and commentary on Creating results by Living In The End

-Lecture on The Power of Faith and How it is your Fortune 

- Lecture on the 12 Mental Discipline to help you get what you desire

Commentary on the lecture an Q and A at 8pm on Monday,  and Thurs..



About G.O.D. Greatness Only Designer

Thank you for being here with G.O.D., Greatness Only Designers. Our goal is to help you  tap into the power within using Neville's  most practicle teachings which has helped over 100,000 people create their desire lifestyle...If this information does not transform you, we will happily give your money back?
This group is invite only and you must fill out the survey first for us to know a little about you to be considered, https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/HL6JGV6 .  I have been Self Employed for over 5 years, live in a beautiful home with the woman of my dreams.I have a great relationship with friends and family. I Travel when and where I want.I I owe most of my success to these teachings. You will see why these powerful teachings continue to help so many by you being part of the group. We will hold you accountable and inspire you to be your best no matter what level you come in.
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