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Dan imaginator
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For any kind of image work such as:

- Photo retouching

- Texture editing

- Image making/editing for video games


  .. Dan imaginator  is the right tiers for your needs,

try it, love it, come back for more !

D's ideas
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By supporting ''D's ideas'', you can ask for any ideas such as:

- story-lines for books/magazines

- website texts/titles

- video game dialogues

- video game story-lines




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About Mr.Green


Hell0 everyone!

Here's a brief chatty-chat about myself, but the real way you will find the satisfaction of a work well-done as expected, will be by giving me the chance to prove myself.

I always worked hard with my hands as an artist, but even harder with my head, to achieve every ideas my imagination receives, wich gives you the opportunity to expect good texturing for video game content or any kind of photo editing needs, as well as being able to bring original ideas to the table.

Giving me a chance will give you an opportunity for any kind of demands, completed in all expectations.
Either you are looking for nice and clean textures for a video game, or being in need for new ideas or original story-lines, i can bring the satisfaction to your needs.

I am working at home as a woodcrafter artisan, so being in control of my schedule gives me no limit on the time and effort i can spend on projects.

Come say hi! support me if you like what i do and want to see more! 


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The day when 98 Patron will be supporting Mr.Green, will be the beginning of something good in life, not just for me.. but for all of you!
..but it's a surprise, be patient!..
- Good things comes to those who wait -

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