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About Greg The Gameaholic

Click here to Sign up for the 2 Free Giveaways! This is out side of patreon so if you can’t become a member you can still be part of the other giveaway! 

Thank you for taking the time to check us out! If you seen our Facebook page you will see we have been Supporting the gaming community for 3 years now! We have given away over $8000 in consoles, games, and GiftCards! I want to continue to support the community  created a membership service, so you can get in where you fit in!
Memberships start as low as a $5. (**Que the sad Music**) So for 500 cents a month, you can help a starving gamer feed himself while serving the gaming community!!! lol

  • You will get a chance to compete in the monthly Competitions and Tournaments for chances to win Cool Prizes (From Merch to Video Game Consoles ) 
  • You can upgrade or downgrade, or cancel anytime, no commitments! 
  • All cards are charged on the first day of the month, so if you cancel, do so 24-48 hours before the first! (but im sure your not going to cancel!)
  • If you have questions simply send me a message on here or facebook!!!! Thanks for checking out this AWESOME GAMING COMMUNITY!

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I May go down to part time with my job so I can provide more content! 
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