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Thank you to all my Patrons. Thank you for supporting my writing career.

For people new to this page, thank you for checking me out.
I love a good story. I hope you do too. There are lots headed your way.

Patreon, simply put, is a way for people like me to offer a subscription service to people like you. I'm an audiobook producer. I write my own stories and narrate my own work.

I post a story every week. As a Patron you get access to my audiobooks. They are usually short stories. I also release novels by chapter. My first novel is coming out later this year.

If you like great stories, humor and adventure with solid moral foundations then it might make sense for you to subscribe. Look at the right side of this page. Each support level comes with awesome rewards.

You can gain access to my content for as little as $4 per month. Set your monthly patronage ($4,$7, $23 etc.). Your monthly cap can be whatever you choose. I release stories about once a week. That's about 4 stories per month.

Thank you for your trust, your patronage, your help. Thank you for allowing me to "Just Write".

It might make sense to sign up right now. Click 'Become A Patron' to join now and begin receiving my weekly audiobooks and gain access to my current releases. Thank you.
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I will reward my first 30 patrons with cool stuffs. Yes, I'm aware that's not awesome grammar but there will be awesome rewards.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts
Audio releases
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