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About GreyGore

WHOIS GreyGore?
GreyGore (real name Alex) is a database admin by day, variety Twitch streamer and occasional blogger by night... and evening... and sometimes weekends? Basically, whenever there's free time, I'll try to entertain you via gaming-centric content!

This content is mainly delivered via blog posts ( and Twitch streaming ( Archives of previous streams can be found at GreyGore's YouTube channel (

What's this Patreon campaign about?
As life goes on (and that pesky little "Age" stat keeps going up), responsibilities keep mounting, which in turn takes away a lot of time for all the various fun stuff I like to do, such as blogging and streaming.

Ideally, this campaign will allow people that enjoy my content to support it, which in turn will allow me to improve and streamline its production and delivery methods.

A huge disclaimer: Supporting this Patreon campaign is not at all required; I positively love all the people that keep visiting my blog and streams, money or no money. Each and every one of my viewers/readers makes the entire thing so much more enjoyable than it has any right being.

Alright then, let's say I put in a pledge.
How will you use my $$$/€€€/£££/[insert currency]?
Basically, two things (and only those two things), which are currently paid out-of-pocket from contractual/freelance work - not a great financial strain but Patron funds will help with reducing freelance work and focus more on producing content:

1. Payment for various subscriptions and fees required to maintain the blog and streaming software. These are primarily an XSplit subscription ($14.95, paid every three months) and WordPress hosting fees ($96.00, paid annually). A couple of other licenses would improve matters substantially, such as on-the-fly audio editing via Reaper DAW, but only if this campaign does well enough to warrant the extra investment.

2. Various unexpected or non-recurring expenses relating to the blog site and Twitch/YouTube channels. These include various XSplit or WordPress plugin purchases, custom graphics for streaming overlays, licensing audio and effects for use on-stream, replacing worn or damaged equipment and so on.

$23 of $30 per month
At $30 per month, this campaign generates enough money to maintain blog/stream and also allow GreyGore to look into minor equipment upgrades; commission any art needed for the blog and stream; and pay for any minor unexpected expenses!
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