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We're developing a game that we're super Bram Stoker'd about!

Griff the Winged Lion - A Retro Inspired 3D Platformer

In the medieval kingdom of Autumn Terrace, a young prince named Griff is called upon to participate in a magical tradition. Once each generation, an old mage foresees the destinies of the kingdom's future leaders and bestows them with their sacred roles. When this time comes for Griff, however, his role is mysteriously shrouded from the mage. Griff embarks on an epic, yet unexpectedly hazardous journey through the neighboring realms in search of answers to the riddle of his destiny. With the help of his friends; Gargle (a hilariously over-reactive yet determined little gargoyle), and Mia (a phantom cat with a sweet tooth for adventure) the young prince must unearth his true purpose and defend the realms against the treacherous tides which lay before them.

Game Features
☑ Platforming, gliding and tons of cool moves
☑ Retro-inspired PS1 and N64 style graphics
☑ 10 mythological realms with colorful creatures
☑ Character-driven story with voice over dialogue
☑ Shatter foes, objects & scenery into gold pieces
☑ Solve puzzles turning objects into gold pieces
☑ Many challenging side character mini games
☑ Purchase special costumes and wing upgrades
☑ Challenging boss battles with special creatures
☑ 3 playable characters each with unique abilities
Beyond 16-bit, Griff features a new level of retro with PS1 style graphics.

Click here to download the newest playable demo!

Target Platforms:


When we reach upwards of 300 patrons we'll be able to devote more time and dollars into creating more Patreon exclusive content!

So tell your friends, co-workers and grandma Jo to sign-up!

Jake (Director, Lead Artist, Writer, Programmer, Voice Actor)
I've been a gamer since the Atari 2600 and NES as a kid. I love many games in many genres but platformers are my favorite. I'm very excited to witness all the crazy creative things happening in indie games lately.

Mostafa (Lead Programmer, Tools Developer)
Been into programming since a pretty young age. I've always enjoyed the simplicity of making things neatly, one step at a time and seeing things come together. I love working in Unity, and this game has a great system for universal game functionality.

Nic (Programmer, Animator, Platform System Developer)
I'm very nostalgic for N64 and platformers. I like making comics and watching 90's cartoons.

Tera (Quality Assurance Lead, 3D Artist)
Been a gamer since the NES. I play World of Warcraft and have a thing for mystery stories. I really enjoy the Legacy of Kain, God of War and Uncharted Series. I do level design and co-writing with Jake. I'm glad to see platformers making a comeback!

Nishad (Music Composer)
A brilliant artist, best known for his radical metal cords in the band The Offering. He'll be striking up some nostalgic cords for Griff.


Steven Kelly- Known for titles like Dragon Age Inquisition, Apotheon, Final Fantasy XV anime and Dust: An Elysian Tail, Steven brings a true expressivity and naturalism to his compelling character portrayals.

Griffin Puatu- Has voiced in animes such as One Punch Man, Hunter X Hunter and Charlotte. Griffin has a distinct yet diverse style that never fails to impress.

Aimee Smith- Best Known for Planet Explorers, Freedom Planet on Wii-U and Excape from Puzzlegate, Aimee brings fun liveliness and believability to her characters.

Brittany Lauda- Well known for playing Osana in Yandere Simulator and other portrayals in Pokemon X/Y and My Little Pony App, Brittany has a rich authenticity and adds a special touch to colorful projects.

All art and entertainment content within this Patreon page is copyright 2019 Jacob Pawloski.
All Rights Reserved. Do not use without permission.

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The difference between try and triumph is a little bit of umph! The closer it gets to the goal, the more focus time it allows with more frequent updates. The increase in progress brings release dates closer. Thank you for your support! Check out the rewards for becoming a Patron!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts

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