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Welp. Here we are.
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Don't just think different. BE different. At this tier, you'll receive a special role on my Discord server that will make your name stand out from the rest! Of course, you'll need to connect your Patreon account to Discord.
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I will mail a kitschy postcard to the address you provide during pledge checkout. International shipping is not an issue; I've sent postcards to Australia, Canada, Latvia, and Russia. Unless you live somewhere you can't receive mail from me. Think about that before you select this tier.
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About Grimith

I play games and disparage people. I've recorded and broadcasted regularly since March 5, 2010. The theme here, "Let's Get On With It!", originated from my ancient Dailymotion account: ". . . because I'm the only one playing. However, since we're all watching me play, it seems perfectly natural to SHUT UP AND GET ON WITH IT." Effective results have yet to be seen.

I don't do this for financial reasons. Viewers regularly ask for more ways to give me stuff. The rise of Corporate Grimith has been a slow process, and it gains strength through this Patreon's existence. By making a contribution, you will become part of the problem. Your money will pay for my gourmand lifestyle and ameliorate other expenses. In return, I offer you contempt. Are you so bad with money that you must entrust it to me? Buy an ice cream! Save an animal! Make better life choices, I implore you.

While I do not lock my content behind a paywall, Corporate Grimith may offer incentives. You can't control what I do or save yourself from being blocked, but you MIGHT get a kitschy trinket out of it all. And, really, isn't life all about making choices you'll regret five minutes later? Gotta learn somehow, right? (ツ)
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I've been asked over the years to revisit games. My time is limited. Upon reaching this goal, I'll create a Patron only poll with the most popular suggestions (like "Star Control II"). The winner(s) gets a new series in the nebulous time period known as SOON™.
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