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Hello my Loyal Grim Brothers and Sisters. Thank you for coming to check out the page, and maybe some support. we all know what this page is, but I think it is best  fit as to why I have this. But first know whether you support or not your loyalty is top priority to the channel, and I thank you.
As some of you know I work a full time job and the videos I do are also full time (35 to even 45 hrs per video). The money I make goes to my channel even the music. I want to bring you more content and more Grims in the future. Content such as an actual small movie series of the Grims, that I hopefully can get on Netflix one day..... No I am not joking.

                              DONATE WHAT YOU LIKE EVEN 1 DOLLAR HELPS SO MUCH

As of now I am barely making the one week deadline because of the CRP standard my videos must attain. I work a blue collar job and each Grim cost me around $1,500.I have pushed my self to a point I passed out three hours still suited up ( no joke) Even now what you currently see is still nothing compared to what I have envisioned. How cool would it be to see GrimsFear recording in an actual barn! People assume its a video but he can walk around in a creepy barn interacting, while messing with corpses and so on lol.

Believe it or not I run all of this out of a rented out bedroom even the movies you saw my bed is literally a few inches out of the frame of the video. Imagine if I had the means and how far I could take this.

I do make money off of YouTube, but the amount I make especially for how hard YouTube got hit financially. I have enough in 7 months to pay for a single tank of gas or Petrol. At some point I have to cut back unfortunately :(. A video every 2 or 3 weeks  due to working my real life job and doing this. The good news is I will still make videos! The bad news of course I cant keep this pace up with out some sort of funding to at least do a part time job. I know I know, no one likes to here a pitch but it is the truth and I do not know anyway else to say it other than to be honest.

Sincerely, Copper Raven

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