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Do you want to support us but you are low on cash or your credit card is on a strict diet? Well look no further, since you'll get the Supporter (Lite) role in our Discord Server as a sign to thank you for supporting us!

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With this, you'll have the same perks as the lite but with the with these:

- Supporter (Pro) Role

- You'll get a shout-out from us in every LIVE session

- Your comments will be loved (YouTube)

- A thank you message from the Main Memberes

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You done something nice on your life.

as a reward for paying us with $50.

With that, you will:

- Have a special role that can actually access some channels that is hidden to most of the roles appearing in our discord.

- Have the access to speak to the Associated Members and Main Members

- Footages of our gameplays (unedited)

*Perks from Supporter (Lite and Pro) will apply here too

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About Group Of Ghosts Philippines

Hello everyone, this is the Group Of Ghosts' Patreon account.

As you can see, we make Online & Offline gameplays and Livestreams from different divisions as one team. If you support us that much, feel free to help us here in our Patreon page by funding the team!

The more people helping us out. You can get the chance that we can give back to you soon!
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Right after collecting the funds, each main member will get their fair cut of the money earned in this Patreon page

NOTE: Overall earnings is actually estimated per month till it reaches it's overall goal
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