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About GrumbleGamer 18

Hey guys, my name is Austin, and I am known on youtube as GrumbleGamer 18. I am a relatively small gaming channel, and I hope to bring you guys entertaining content as I let you in on the life of a pug addict. I love gaming, but I find it's so much more than just "gaming". I collect retro games, collectors editions of games, and any merchandise in between. I have come to Patreon to help fund the videos I make, as with being a small channel goes, its hard to afford some of the games and royalty free music and editing programs when you don't make money. As a full time student this would go a long way, and I want you guys to get to be a part of something big before it even makes it there :). 
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This is my first part of my journey. I would use this to save for a more professional camera, as well as go from 2 uploads a week to hopefully more. 
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