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You get to ask me a question. Anything (as long as it is appropriate, of course...), and I'll give you the answer during a Q&A video! If your question has already been asked, you will get to ask another :)
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Minecraft shout-out

I will make a little something in your honor, on camera, in my main Minecraft video series.
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I will put a reference to you/your name/your nickname in one of the game I am developing. This might take a while, but I will tell you when it is done, with proof :)




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About Grungi Ankhfire

So, as are many content creators, I am turning to Patreon to try and offer you a new way to support me if you enjoy what I make for you enough, and feel like it is worth a dollar or two.

I am not a big YouTuber, neither am I a proeminent game developer, so I have no disproportionned goals in mind. I only hope to be able to make more stuff for you all, while being able to keep up with tools and the likes.

So, there you go, I will strive to make interesting rewards and things for you all, without pushing you to pay a lot : many others here on Patreon deserve your help, so I would rather have you helping them in addition than me than trying to get as much as I can!

Never, ever hesitate to reach out to me on Twitter if you have any suggestion or anything else!
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As soon as this goal is reached, I will record a video of me answering your questions (see the Rewards) and send it to you and you only. After that first videos, I will periodically do more. Intriguing!
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