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is creating statist tears and education through Liberty and AnCap content.
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About Guardians of Liberty

Welcome to GoL's Patreon.

Who's you're Daddy...

We (J & M) are glad to be here to be delivering the content that we provide. But the content we make and share takes time and energy from our personal lives. And time is what? That's right Bob, time is money. By contributing even the smallest amount, you're making it possible for us to continue doing what we do, and J can now afford his cocaine and hooker habits. *cough* What?

...and what does he do?
Our main squeeze is our Facebook page where we spam your feed daily with all things related to Liberty and Anarcho-Capitalism. We also have a new discord. Which is gathering dust. So join! We're also on Instagram, just search us and you'll find us. 
We make fun of all things that are not. Meaning that we don't hold any one party or person (except Ron Paul) on a pedestal. Nobody is safe. We judge people based on their voting record and character, not which sound byte their purporting this week. Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, Rand Paul, Hillary Clinton, Ben Shapiro, CNN, literally nobody is safe from our ridicule (or support).

Yes, we have goals....right?
Our goal is to grow. Eventually we'd like to have our own website and a clothing store where you can buy some sweet AnCap apparrel. Maybe even someday we can get some gear to start a podcast or video blog. All profits will be invested directly to these causes. But that's not in cards right now as, well, you know, we're at like zero patrons, which hits right in the feels. 

So please consider a monthly donation of one measly dollar. You won't miss it, but as a group, we can put those dollars to good use. If you like our content, it's a super affordable way to say thanks to us and you have no idea how much we love and appreciate each and every one of our fans! 

The Declaration of Liberty
It has been increasingly clear that in the course of human events, it is again necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to restore individual liberty as a defense against the existing enemies of freedom and truth.

The intellectual awakening has begun. It is our mission to protect this truth and spread awareness through transparency via an exacting definition of structure, policy principles, all with a constitutional application. This declaration, its subsequent structure, and following members will act in unison as a modern reformation agency against the existing narratives and false labels that have been perpetuated by the ruling elite. Included in the reformation is the dismissal of the current characterization and application of Republicanism and Conservatism. We repudiate the existing interpretation of our US Constitution and all policies, organizations, agencies, parties, paradigms, and taxes that have subsequently resulted.

We seek to restore the sovereignty of the individual in our republic through perpetual fidelity to education, activism, principled political leadership, and accountability. We intend to establish our brand of liberty in local politics through activism of our member base. The principles of our members will be clear and never left open to interpretation. These principles are rooted in the original intent of the founders as laid out in the US Constitution. Our unifying strength can be found in these principles.

Of these principles, we desire critical analysis, open and fervor debate, transparent decision making, and the highest standard of implementation and representation as time evolves and issues change.

To the general public, the longevity of our union is likely to be directly correlated with the arbitrary belief of a necessity to maintain a people's movement that acts and serves on behalf of the need to defend and protect freedom. For members, longevity is inherent as a life long duty to the respect that our reality is not a result of our system of government being broken; but that it is actually operating exactly as intended. Thus our modern struggles are a result of apathy and nothing more. We recognize that there are two mechanisms that must be disproportionately represented in our charter's formula; We the People (our members) versus those within the corrupt or inadequate governing bodies. We will no longer simply rely upon the modern election process for the restoration we are seeking. Here is the opportunity to be found in the recognition of the imminent threats of our existing battle and the power gap between the people and their state. United in liberty, we shall begin to act as the bridge to this gap and the front-line of one people's defense. For the support of this declaration, we mutually pledge to each other our solidarity, our integrity, and our honor.

Not associated or affiliated with the Book "Guardians of Liberty" by Bishop Alma Bridwell White.
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