is creating Guardians Vanilla PVP Server, 24/7 - Space Engineers

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Server Name: Guardians No Limits - Script/o2 ON, PVP Guardians Vanilla 24/7

This patreon is set up to support the maintenance and future upgrade of the Guardians Vanilla PVP Public Server in Space Engineers. 

We are hosted on a 1GBPS download/40MBPS upload connection which will be upgraded in the future when the copper internet in this area is upgraded to fiber in the near future. Thanks to support of Patreons and Paypal donations, we have successfully upgraded to a 5.2ghz CPU, and have the best possible server hardware for our SE server. Future donations will support future upgrades and ongoing expenses.

We are dedicated to a fun, fair, vanilla SE environment. All server mods are admin/maintenance/quality of life related. 

Supporter Perks:
Regular supporters of the patreon will have priority join access and be able to join even if the server is full. As well as the eternal gratitude of the players on the server xD No in-game benefits.
$86 of $200 per month
This is the approx. monthly cost of electricity to run the server, based on % increase Y2D with system running 24/7
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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