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About Guide To Vancouver

First off, thank you for taking the time to check this out.

Let me start of by telling you a bit about myself and why I'm doing this:

The concept for this project began when I decided that I really wanted to help people in some way -  in a genuine way, but how was I going to do that? I'm not trained as a doctor or psychologist. I'm just a guy with a passion for making videos, taking photos and I happen to live near Vancouver.

That's when I decided the best thing I could do was share my knowledge of the city I've been living in most of my adult life. Millions of people come here each year for the first time and from personal experience I know how difficult it can be navigating a foreign city and how useful advice from locals can be.

Alas their are lots of expenses involved in making these videos. I currently live in Abbotsford, about 45 minutes away from Vancouver. A typical video has costs of traveling (time + gas), help from friends (that I would really like to pay for their help) pre-planning hours and lots of editing hours.

This is where you're contribution to the Guide To Vancouver community makes the difference, by joining the community of people already supporting this project I am able to dedicate more time and resources to all the things that go into making entertaining and helpful videos about Vancouver.

I am very grateful that you took the time to read my about page and I know that your contribution, at whatever level, is helping people.

P.S: Don't be shy - Message me on Instagram if you have any questions. I am a real person! we can talk! :D I'm more than happy to help you.

Welcome to the community,

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post