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is creating Relaxing, Healing, Soothing and Meditative Guitar Music...
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About Yoshi Yamamoto

What a stressful world it is!

I wish I could create a virtual paradise to hide from this complicated society for a while. But our real world is not always happy and peaceful.

But I found a way to escape from this roller-coaster economy and perpetual paranoia.

Yes, music...soothing, relaxing, healing ,meditative music.
In my life, music has been the one always gives me a power to strive positive mind settings and comfortable sleep.
Sneak preview of Meditation Music

This music journey is supposed to be your forever companion for life.
So, we can share this wonderful experience of mine.

I really appreciate if you can support me on this project;

"Ultimate Healing Guitar Music".

Thank you for your heartily pledge.  

If you pledge $1 right now, you will receive a special reward of Yoshi's classical guitar album immediately.

1.Menuet 2.Andante 3.AndanteⅡ 4.Romnce 5.EstudioⅢ 6.Anonimo Romance 7.Recuerdos De La Alhambra 8.Adelita 9.Lagrima 10.Jesu,Joy of Man's Desiring 11.Clair De Lune 12.Asturias 13.Cavatina 

If you pledge $5 right now, you will receive Yoshi's classical guitar album and another full CD guitar album "live in little Tokyo part1” immediately too!

1.Yesterday 2,Again 3. Al Di La 4. Alfie 5. Blue Moon 6.Days of Wine and Roses 7.El Condor Pasa 8.Girl from Ipanema 9.Can't Help Falling love 10.Johnny Guitar 11.Just the Way We Were 12.Misty 13.Moonlight Serenade

Yoshi Yamamoto (Yoshi's iTune release) (Yoshi's Amazone Music Release)
Born in Osaka, Yoshi Yamamoto's soothing & relaxing and deeply heart-touching guitar style has been derived from his over fifteen years of volunteer performances for Japanese American retirement nursing homes. Possessed with an original style of his own, his finger picking is a combination of classical guitar techniques with the syncopated rhythm and jazz-influenced chords. Repertoire includes original compositions and arrangements of jazz standards, Latin favorites, as well folk songs from his homeland Japan.
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I am trying to create at least one song every month by using real musical instruments as much as possible.
Such as Guitars, Ukuleles, Bamboo flutes (Shakuhachi, Dizi), (Exotic Asian Musical Instruments), Japanese three-strings (Japanese Shamisen and Taiko), Taiko drums, Bells, Gongs, Singing--Bowls, Chinese two-strings (Erfu), I sometimes make, create or hybrid my own instruments to seek for the sounds I want. (Hybrid Instrument of Japanese Shamisen and Guitar "Shamitar".

My goal is producing exotic Asian flavored, soothing, relaxing, healing, meditative guitar music that gives a peaceful moment and helps relieving stress and depressions for all kinds of people.

Yoshi Yamamoto
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