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The "Best Spin-Off" that you'll get from offering your customers a compensated nut is this perfectly tuned guitar that plays silky smooth  ... will have everyone talking about bringing all of their guitars to YOU.

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  • I understand that not everyone is comfortable signing up indefinitely. 
  • If you feel that you would like to make a one-time donation in support of my channel; simply sign up as a Patron; make the donation you are comfortable with, then delete your membership before the upcoming month. 

  • Back in the mid 1960's when I first got involved with the guitar, there was very little available in the way of clear / concise / accurate information on adjusting, repairing, restoring and regulating the various members of the guitar family. 

  • For 50+ years, Guitar Repair and Design has been my passion. 

  • If you like to work on guitars as a Guitar Tech / or as a hobby; let me help you to open up some doors, and inspire you to bring all of your guitars ( or your customers guitars )  up to their maximum playing potential.

  • The ever expanding instructional video Library  ( 399 + as of April 2020 ) is a  resource to help everyone to augment their skills and expand their shop capabilities.

  • After creating and refining the curriculum for the Conestoga College "Guitar Repair and Design courses; Level 1 and Level 2 , I went on to instruct students from all walks of life: machinists / engineers / carpenters / cabinet makers / guitar builders / music store owners / guitar techs / architects / farmers / police officers / army vets / college students / high school students / retirees / church ministers / and every age group from 15 - 77 years of age. These courses were taught in Stratford Ontario, over a 23 year period.

  • Many of my students have gone on to open up their own guitar shops and continue to contribute to the industry in a part time or full time capacity. 

  • A large number of the students took the Level 1 + Level 2 courses, multiple times; bringing in instruments to work on during each course, to earn while they learn !

  • Some of my former students were among the first to have signed up to this Patreon Channel. Jason / Christopher / Tyler / August /  Paul and John .... Thank you for your continuing support !

  • Since retiring from teaching , I have been filming ( in my workshop) ; many of the activities that I feel would be of interest to my students and customers.   
  • As a Patreon subscriber, Level 2 Tier or higher, you will have access to some of the more detailed versions of my exclusive-to-you videos. Your support will allow and encourage me to spend more time and money and effort, on improving my video talents, upgrading equipment, while showing you how to be more proficient at working on guitars. 

  • Delighting your own customers with your improved techniques, will be the biggest pay-off .... as you become better, faster, safer and more accurate, at adjusting / repairing / designing or retro-fitting .... and bringing guitars up to their maximum playing potential. 

  • The StringTech Workstations that you see in all of the videos, were created to address the needs of Luthiers / Techs and anyone who works on guitars; as a hobby or as a profession.

  • Without ever formerly advertising, the TechDecks( Workstations + Accessories )  have found their way around the world to Australia / Denmark / France / UK / Ireland / Israel / Malta / and numerous cities across the EU / USA / and Canada.

  • Thomas Nordegg Pro-Technician ( Steve Vai / Generation Axe Tour ) has been using the TechDeck daily, in his own shop in LA as well as taking it with him on Tour. As we introduce the new GPS + XLT workstations early Fall 2019 , my students and Patreon subscribers will be the first-in-line for the new accessories and Workstations as we roll them out for purchase.  Stay tuned ! 
  1. Dear Michael,

  • "I’m in the middle of prepping for my upcoming
    (April) Asia run with Vai’s GENAXE Tour, but will keep continuously hot-rodding my TECHDECK,
    as it’s already taking over my daily most favorite passion,
    to just open it and set it up for having the best time,
    to dive into the deepest corners of any stringed instrument,
    or having actually a real good time, just changing strings ! "

    "Wait till you see what I’ve done so far with TECHDECK,
    rendering a ‘FORMULA ONE' version of certainly
    the ultimate solution for anybody that is serious
    or just really passionate about the guitar !"

    " I managed to get loads of tools,of course ever changing,
    by strategically employing FOUR Magnet Bars,
    offering plenty real estate
    for handy tool parking / access ! "

    Kindest regards,
    Thomas Nordegg

    On this Patreon channel, I continue to post repair and building technique videos on a weekly basis, and make observations on many of the Vintage and Golden Era instruments, that will help all of my students / StringTech workstations owners and .. Patreon subscribers ! ... to hone their skills / expand their horizons and deepen their understanding of the Guitar Family and its' many extrapolations. 

  • Sincerely, Michael McConville 

  • Stratford, Ontario, Canada N5A 5H8 

  • Ph / Text : 519 275 1008

  • [email protected]
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When I reach 100 patrons, I will start on a Guitar Repair and Design book.This will encompass the past 46 years of workshop activities / observations / revelations that I've gained from a lifetime dedicated to guitar research + restoration, covering the various members of the Guitar Family.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 152 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 152 exclusive posts

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