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Welcome to Gul's Club! Couldn't help the pun folks, sorry :D

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Hi and thanks for taking the time to check out GulSurvives' patreon page.

Who am I and what do I do?

First and foremost; I'm a gamer! Of course I am! It's hardly a surprise is it, given the gaming content I'm advertising here.

More than a gamer however, I'm a modder. I'm lucky enough to work on two mods - Star Trek Armada 3 and Ages of the Federation; both Star Trek themed mods set in different time periods for Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion. I'm lucky enough to be part of an amazing team that really value quality and balance and I feel like I'm part of one of the best modding teams and community's possible through it. I'm a coder and scripter for the mods and sometimes like to show off work in progress on the mods and also show off the work of other modders!
Why ask for support on Patreon?

I love making videos on Youtube and modding as it gives me a level of engagement with a community that's wonderful and remarkably supportive, but a man's gotta eat! YouTube as a format sadly doesn't pay the bills as it once did and the advertising revenue is effectively non existent.  

I work a full time job which pays my day to day expenses - just about! In order for me to make sure that I've got the facilities to keep modding and keep creating content that matches the quality I think my audience deserve, Patreon has been and continues to be a massive help. It allows me to purchase the games you want to watch and also to make sure that my recording hardware is up to the job. You've been amazing as a community in your support and I really don't deserve as much support as I have. 

Chat, Anyone? 

I've already said I love interacting with you, the viewer. 

With my friends and colleagues CoreyLoses and BaneandBros from the Sins/E.A.W Modding community, I run a discord server so you and other like-minded gamers can chat and learn from each other. I'd love it if you'd join us! We're often available in the chat room and are always happy to talk when we're there. Follow the link below!

I'm available most days and if I'm not in a recording Studio, I'm not recording! I'd love to hear from you and chat to you. Drop in, tell me what you think of my latest videos and what you think I should play next! If you've supported me on Patreon, I'll assign your name with a special colour to show everyone that you're supporting me and you'll gain access to additional chat rooms where you can discuss things with both me and other community members who have chosen to support GulSurvives. 

On there you'll find like-minded gamer's with similar interests : I hope this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

Thanks for your consideration and remember, even a dollar goes a long way towards helping me in my quest for content and community!
$24 of $30 per month
It takes some starting cash to run any new enterprise and we appreciate your support more than anything, 30$ a month enables us to to start making great quality videos for you, whether your team Gul or team Bane your support is welcome!
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