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Thank you so much for supporting me, and welcome to the Gumi Tier!

  • Get High-Resolution downloadable photos from most of my shoots, some of which will be formatted for smartphone wallpapers!

  • Receive a hand written thank you letter from me!
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Thank you greatly for joining the Beverly Marsh Tier! I promise IT won't disappoint...

  • See how all of my cosplays are made in full detail. As I work, I'll write blogs explaining heavily in detail how each item was made. I already share tons of progress photos publicly, but here you'll be able to read through my thought process!

  • Plus all content from the Gumi Tier!
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Thank you so much for joining the Rachnera Tier! Hopefully we can cure your arachnophobia while you're here! 

  • Get an exclusively signed 8x10 cosplay print that is only available to Patrons!

  • Plus all content from both the Gumi Tier and the Beverly Marsh Tier!




        GumiV4 Cosplay has been a work in progress for over 6 years now, and although I would consider myself an ameture cosplayer, I still strive to bring the best content possible to the cosplay community! I've been sewing for over 7 years now, have been cosplaying for 6, and have become very passionate about what I do! I cosplay because I simply love the craftsmanship, problem solving, and creativity that comes with it, and plus I have made several friends and even best friends through the art of cosplay, and I strive to stay an active member of this wonderful community. Cosplay has not only become a hobby for me, but has become something that I hope to turn into a career as it's something I love to do and could never see my life without.

       With each of my completely from scratch cosplays costing anywhere from 300$ - 2000$, becoming a patron would allow me to create more cosplays, more content, and most importantly, would allow me to bring more of our favorite characters to life. As some of you may know, cosplay is very, VERY pricey, and Patreon will help me be able to support this hobby, but please, PLEASE, do not see this as me trying to make my already free content not free, because I will still continue to post regular content on Instagram, Facebook, Cosplay Amino, and soon Youtube, so don't worry! I don't like the idea of hiding every aspect of what I do behind a pay wall since I believe that can become very unfair to those who don't have the money to support cosplayers and artists without sacrificing their own well being, so please keep in mind that what I post here will be fairly minimal. But to still reward my patrons for supporting what I do, I will still try to make special photos and videos giving insight as to how each of my cosplays are made, high quality digital downloads of some of my posts, wallpapers, and much more! Thank you so much to those who already support me in what I do now, and to those who will continue to support me in the future! Stay crafty my friends! ♥

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