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About GumshoeGamer (Ethan)

First off, wow I can't believe that I made this. I didn't think I would get to the point where people enjoy my videos. Anyway, Hi my name is Ethan but you can just call me Gumshoe if you want. I make YouTube videos, live stream (when I can) and I even have a monthly podcast about gaming news! That might seem like a lot but I love doing it and I love that I have met some great people from doing this. I have been making videos for a few years now and I always try my hardest to be funny and informative as much as I can. This Patreon is to help me get better equipment so I can make better content and have a vast variety of games to cover. Wether you support me or not, I am glad to see that you read this and that you took the time out of your busy schedule to look at my Patreon.

Thank You,
Gumshoe (Ethan) 
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This will be my 1st goal, $100. The money will be so I can upgrade the podcast and make it more affordable to do. This will also cover the cost of hosting for the podcast. 
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