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  • Link to a private discord where we chat once a month.
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  • One lucky patron shall also receive a secret gift. All patrons, of every tier shall have an equal opportunity to win. This isn't a contest it's just a little extra thank you. There's no extra steps to ensure victory. This is an equal opportunity for everyone.
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  • A build from my Minecraft Series of your choosing shall be named in honor of you (First come, first served).
  • For any of my Paladins videos a vote shall be posted on Patreon as to what character I'll use for the next video.
  • Plus all previous rewards. 
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Hey there my old and new pals, Gunnaru12 . . . wait a second some of you are new faces. Let me introduce myself, my name is Raul Rodriguez a.k.a Gunnaru12. I make video-game game-play videos on YouTube. After a few years in college I came to the conclusion that it wasn't for me. I was already making YouTube videos as a hobby and was enjoying doing it. I wanted that to be my job due to the enjoyment I felt and because I felt that entertaining others was my calling.

Now that the introductions are done, let me get back to my original train of thought. Hey there my old and new pals, Gunnaru12 here and welcome to my official Patreon page. For starters let me thank you for thinking about taking this next step. Don't think your money is going to waste, it will be used for great things such as:

Sound proofing the room I use for recording.
Getting better editing software.
Upgrading my internet for higher speed uploads, in turn allowing me to upload more videos per day. 

There are other things this will allow me to achieve to better entertain my pals, both old and new. So thank you so much for taking this next step. Going that extra mile is immensely appreciated by me.

$0 of $100 per month
Can start saving up for video editing software, improving internet for faster uploading speeds. This will increase production value and upload speeds, which will increase the amount of videos released in the week. Which will increase your entertainment.  
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