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About Stratus Softworks

Stranded on a barren, sand-scarred planet, you the Player must decide the fate of a far-off galaxy being strangled between opposing forces. Based heavily off the isometric CRPGs of an earlier area, such as Fallout 2/Wasteland, you can persuade enemies to surrender under your moral ambiguity, annihilate desert crustaceans with chemical weapons, plunder planets with a crew of mercenaries, and explore the exotic planets in the Draconian System!

Guns of Rancor takes the old ideas of CRPG's and manages to streamline the clunky combat mechanics that other turn based RPG's have become infamous for, by forcing the player to think about positioning, ammunition type, general skill, and movement, all along an isometric grid. These combat mechanics will allow the player to grow beyond new heights, and take down the most feared man in the galaxy, Sutherland.

The Draconian system allows players to be who they want to be. Pick your history, perks, and attack preference to explore, murder, and barter your way through scenarios that put you in the driver seat. Was your character a prisoner, or a poacher? Do they prefer shotguns, or railguns? You decide
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