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It isn't always about the amount that you can provide, it's the heart behind the donations that counts. You'll receive my deepest Thank You! message.

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Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to my page. Take a seat and I'll tell you a tale.

I'm just a man who records playthroughs of various video games, sometimes it is my first playthrough of the games, while other times I pick games that I already love and want to highlight. I also stream on and love being able to enjoy the medium of video games with other people.

I strongly believe that anyone can do great things, which is why I have never reviled my face. I am an anybody, just a voice from someone you will likely never meet in person, the primary thing I want you to take away from my videos is this:

"OH man, if this Nobody, this screw up, can still bumble his way into doing great things, then why can't I as well?"

"How does all this work?"

You give me da monies, I give you da funnies.

"What are your rewards?"

When it comes to rewards, I don't ever want to make my content privatized or install a paywall. You can always add me on Steam, Skype, DeviantArt, Tumblr or whatever! You'll never need to pay for my attention <3 

Communication with my community is something I always encourage and enjoy. So feel free to message me anytime!

"What is your goal with Patreon?"

Recently, youtube has been strictly restricting the content that I am allowed to make money off of. Their new rules are enforcing a "no swear" type rule, where if I swear in a video, the video is flagged as inappropriate and limited/no ad revenue can be made off of that content. SO, TL;DR this page allows me to better fund projects with props/games/tech

"Why should I support you buttface?"

If you can afford to, and if you like my content enough, then you should donate what you want. I don't record videos in expectation of cash, any money I do make from making this videos gets pushed right back into things I can use to make the channel better, and some people feel that what I am doing here is good enough to deserve some extra love. So I will put that decision in your hands my friends :D

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Sorry mom, I set low goals for myself in life
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