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Hey there! 

I've been making videos for about 3 years regularly now on Sega video games, doing videos for my own personal Youtube channel, as well as the popular fansite SegaBits doing the "Hit Reset" series. I've had a love for producing and editing videos for even longer then that, and an absolutely love for the medium of video games in general.

When i make videos or stream, i want it to be a way to spread my personal passion for the gaming medium out to others, and also give something that's fun, bouncy, and cheesy. I want to just help people appreciate and discover games and things they wouldn't otherwise. The focus of my series "Hit Reset", for instance, was on games that have bad reputations, and why they are great. My "Sega Importorium" series is all about great Sega imports, and why they are worth importing, and even showing how to play some more text-heavy games.

Well i've been reluctant to make a Patreon up to this point, i've decided that the time is right now, as i start to venture towards more regular content and supplementing my normal, long-form video editing with streaming and other content. I still want to be able to commit my free time to these projects, but with a full-time gig and plenty of bills, i don't always have a lot to spare. Patreon would not only help allow me to being putting better equipment into the production, but also help justify the extra time spent producing it. 

By no means will i stop doing this regardless, i love making this on a personal level, but if you enjoy the content and want to give back to help make it better, this is the place to do it! If you do, know you are helping to make something cool even better, and that you have my undying graditude!
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The first step in producing higher-quality content is some actual lighting, so the first goal will be to get some high-quality lights for on-camera segments!
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