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About Basil Zaviski

Welcome to the"Detroit Art Project"!
Mission Statement:
Installing original art work in Detroit's Unique Historic and Emerging businesses.
My way of giving back to the places we love in Detroit who like us have never left,
and giving thanks to the many who are joining the team.
And with your help it's not just ME giving back, its US!
No such thing as a small donation! One time gift of a dollar or a monthly gift of $5
whatever ever the amount you can donate to the cause is needed and greatly appreciated.
the next time you walk in your favorite establishment you can say "See that piece on the wall? I made that happen." And I have the certificate to prove it! Want a Gunston St. Original in your favorite watering hole? Just have them contact me I'll check out the vibe Bam! Art created...
Another way you can fund the project is to purchase my book "Gunston Street Comics"
It's a collection of comics I've illustrated for the great paper Stars & Stripes.
Enjoyed by Veterans and Patriots around the world! You can read Gunston Street Comics for free at
I cannot thank you enough for your support, without you projects such as this just could not get done, but thanks to the advancement of bringing people together for a cause, the opportunity for people to join together and create something unique and that will last forever is endless!
Let's do this.
Basil Zaviski

2 of 500 patrons
Simple, with your help of reaching 500 Patrons, I will outfit 3 new Detroit Bars a month with Gunston St. Illustrations. you'll love the posts, better yet seeing them in person, Your Detroit Bar could be next! Were in places such as Stache International, Green Dot Stables, ant the great Detroit Barber Co. just to name a few! They want the pieces, and with your help it will be no problem delivering.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 11 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 11 exclusive posts