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is creating A Grand Unifying Theory of Life & Earth
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About Guy Lane Environment Writer

My quest is to complete and widely distribute a Grand Unifying Theory of Life & Earth.
Through this, I will define the right relationship between humans and the millions of other species that make this planet habitable to life. This is a quest in part scientific, cultural, spiritual and adventurous.

Whatever I learn, I share through fiction and non-fiction books, blogs and websites.

To be clear, this doesn't pay the bills, but it is my contribution to the human race and the species that live on this planet. I am a cell in the body of the living planet, and I am doing my job as best as I see fit. Many people share my concerns about the planet and wish that they were to be able to invest their lives into this space. Live vicariously through me. I am the Man on Fire for the planet, but I need fuel.

Please fuel me.

My most recent initiative are the short, punchy summary of everthing I have learned about Life&Earth:  Who's Next? Climate, Collapse & You.

Other initiatives include:

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"I love the smell of ecocide in the morning. But right now, I can't afford to go there."

When I reach $1,000 per week, I am going to travel to all of the ecological trouble spots on Earth and write about them. I will also fly into harm's way to report on super-storms and ecological catastrophes.
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