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Every bit helps and is greatly appreciated. We will be making posts to both the Animazement and "Trainers of AZ 2015" facebook groups and you will be publicly thanked as an initial donor and forever warm our hearts with your support.
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So triple the thanks are in order, but maybe you deserve something a little more special. How about a special badge that you can show off to others? You not only believed in us but you love the ideas of communal comradery. If it is a success we would love to do this for years to come. Pokemon fans love collecting and you will have the 1st edition button badges that show your support. Badges will be provided at the event, just be sure to show confirmation of pledge onsite. Sadly it can't count as your 8th badge, but you're a pro, so I am sure you won't need it anyhow. Plus, all rewards above!
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You helped us help you, so help yourself! Your contribution goes towards getting this whole thing running and that includes the prizes to win. You still need to prove yourself by becoming a Pokemon Master, but wouldn't it be great to have a better chance to win those prizes? Hmm that isn't a bad idea. Your name will get double the entry for every raffle you qualify for. If beating the leaders proves a bit too tough or you run out of time at least you get the satisfaction knowing you helped provide prizes for others right? I'm sure all you really want is those warm feelings anyhow. ;)  Plus, all rewards above!




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Thanks for stopping by!

This campaign is for a fun pokemon event by fans for fans. After Pax East rolled around one of the events that stuck out was a 3Ds/2Ds pokemon tournament they held. It got fans of the series involved, fighting "gym leaders",collecting their badges, and granting bragging rights for a series that calls you to be "the best there ever was". Our local anime convention Animazement is pretty great, but there always seems to be plenty of downtime. The idea to recreate what Pax East did, and try to do it even better is our driving force. Plans have already been made for months now. The gym leaders have trained their pokemon and are ready for challengers and many of our supplies have already been paid for out of pocket. Some prizes are coming directly out of the leader's collections and many of the physical rewards are personally made creations that any fan will enjoy. This event is not a sponsored Animazement event and is 100% run and funded by fellow con goers.

So what would your contributions be helping us with?

All funds will go directly into the event. It will help cover supplies and prizes including: button materials (badges for defeating a gym leader), sashes and arm bands that the gym leaders wear to indicate they are a gym leader and to display and carry the badges for the attendees to earn, promotional materials, and the prizes. Yes you heard it right, prizes! Not only will collecting physical badges be a sweet reminder of your victory, but collecting 8 unique ones from our leaders grants you the title of "Pokemon Master(s)" (yes, we hope more than 1 can prove themselves to be a master). Ideally we would like the first to collect 8 to recieve a special prize, and any additional Pokemon Masters that follow, receive a completion reward. This is one of the main milestones of this campaign. Regardless of theses goals we will be having raffles on both Friday and Saturday evening. All those who have earned the Pokemon Master's title will get added to the raffle box and prizes will be given away, and yes, those who complete it before Friday's raffle do get to participate in both raffles. Some prizes have already been made (and are being made) but better and more prizes can be offered with additional funding. If you strive to be the best then we do too. We hope to make this an entertaining and memorable event and thank you for your contribution in helping that come to fruition!
$18 of $100 per Yearly event
The basics are maybe not so basic when you want to do things right. Sure this event could be done for a couple bucks. You could beat a leader, get their mark and maybe the first couple winners get a little token of some kind, but we would really like to make this something attendees will look forward to, something that really rewards those who participate. "The Basics" will cover all we need to set everything up and provide a decent event. Specifically it will cover the badge costs, the identifying armbands and sashes, the promotional materials like rule cards and a few flyers, and lastly the prizes. There is no real way to gauge how many attendees will participate our event let alone how many become "Pokemon Masters" so the best way to ensure every victor has a shot at winning rather than first come first serve is though our raffle system. At this goal we will be able to fund a few prizes that will make victory that much sweeter.
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