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Welcome!  When I started RVing, I was told (as many new RVers are) that I "needed" a $2000 inverter generator and a $5000 solar array and seemingly infinite $20-$300 accessories.  No, I didn't buy them, credibility-wise or financially.  None of those are credible prices, or even always essential items.  I'm not a millionaire nor retiree, so I didn't find much help in the big RV newsletters that cater to the over-60 and fulltime-only crowds.  I have a young family and a stack of bills waiting back at my house.  I'm an active foster and adoptive parent, so I got a LOT more bills than income!

When I converted my lights to LEDs, I was quoted $20 per fixture -- and then found the bulbs for under a $1 each.  Little propane tanks sell for $5 locally, but you can refill them for a quarter.  Awning lights are sold for 10X the cost of the LED strips.  You get the idea...   I was tired of being scammed, and wanted to share the products and methods that save RVers on a budget a LOT of hard-earned cash.

So, I started a YouTube channel to share those tips and tricks and cool gizmo discoveries.  I'm not a professional videographer, but I am pretty inventive (I think?) at solving problems for folks and conveying that information clearly despite occasional technical issues.   I'm always happy to take requests from patrons for topics or problems you'd like to see me tackle, and plan to do patron-only and even super-patron videos in addition to what I release free.  Your pledges make me able to get to your requests sooner, but just letting me know how my tips helped you is pretty cool too.
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When I reach 100 patrons, I'm going to start a lottery of sorts, giving out some of the cool gizmos I feature to my more active patrons to encourage patron involvement and growth...  I want to reward interaction more than just pledge teirs, so I'm still working out the details of how that will work, but it's coming somehow, somewhere...
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