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About leslie helpert!

For multiple decades, I have worked fully as a creative artist, illustrator, composer, voice-coach. I've lived around the globe and performed in hundreds of venues. Now based in NYC (and literally wanting to NEVER move again!) Patreon is my new at-home platform I'm using to create something raw and brave: putting myself out there As Is. The way Patreon works is that it will be like a "member-subscription" to my work and special gifts of art ONLY members will receive! From this place, I will share EXCLUSIVELY videos of voice work, illustrations in the making, interviews with interesting artists, reflections on being a woman in the arts, unreleased musical tracks and information about new projects (including a super special next project with an award-winning, outstanding producer/individual). Sometimes you'll get a poem, sometimes you'll get a few sounds inspiring a song, an interview with an artist I love, or a track-in-process, and... you'll always be able to reach me here. My hope is that I can support you to keep creating and your membership will support my continual crafting! www.HelpertTheAgency.com www.dynamicvoicetraining.com