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If you want to throw me a dollar for having AdBlock or you've ever thought "Hmm, I don't know what to do with this one dollar" this tier's for you! Welcome to the Patron Community! 
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This is like twice the support from the previous tier! Thank you. With this tier you're a Member of the HM Brand and can Vote and express your opinion in polls, surveys, upcoming videos, etc. Not only can you express your opinion, I'll even listen to it. 
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You're a major supporter of the HM Brand, thank you so much! With this tier you'll gain access to monthly Live-streams on this Patreon and you'll also be supporting my addictive coffee habit. You rock for this donation! 



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Official Patreon for HM Massage. This is to support the YouTube channel and HM brand as a whole! My goal is to change the way we solve common health problems by tying health and massage together. Thank you all so much for the support!
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It'd be amazing to have a community of at least 25 active patrons! It'd help in creating ideas and growing content for the HM Massage brand and keep giving back to the supporters. It'd also be great to have a stable viewing for these monthly live streams!   
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