is creating Strongest VR6 Volkswagen mk1 in South Africa

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Good day all Volkswagen fanatics.
My name is Ross and I want to build the strongest VR6 mk1 golf in South Africa.
I have a 1988 2 door mk1 golf which will be the project car.
I have already acquired some parts but due to limited funds it's obviously not the best. This is where you awesome guys come in !!! Help me build this awesome car and make a name for VR6 in South Africa. Lets drop peoples jaws at dyno days and show them what a little mk1 golf can do!!!

My first vw was a blue mk1 citi. It started out as a 1.4 carb and later turned into a 2L
Engine specifications:
2E block (stock)
Mp9 head (gasflowed, ported, 42mm stainless valves, 298 degree cam, 4-2-1 viper branch and 57mm exhaust, dictator ECU)
Power 93wkw 186nm

My 2nd vw was a green mk1 citi. I bought it with a 9A 2.0 16v motor which I replaced with the ABF 2.0 16v.
1st engine - 9A +- 95kw 95 Octane
2nd engine - ABF flowed head with 272 cams 109kw 95 Octane
3rd engine - 2.2 ABF flowed head with 276/288 cams and 43mm ITB's 136.9kw Avgas

All posts will be public, because everyone deserves to see where the money goes!Thank you for your support!!
$0 of $300 per month
With this money I can buy the 60-2 Dictator ECU needed.
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