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About HPCollages

Hey everyone!
Thanks for stopping by! You can call me HP. I run an Etsy shop where I sell comic and manga collages that I make myself here: https://etsy.com/shop/HPCollages.

I hope to use this site to help further pay for the costs of making collages and to also offer exclusive bonuses, like coupons and Early Bird options!

Oh, and that's not all. 
I'm currently working on my own crime story called NOVEMBER CHASE: The Falling.

It's a story centering around female lead, single mother, and homicide detective, November Chase, and her partner Haydn and the string of homicides takes them much deeper than they ever expected. It's a world full of tangled relationships and psychological depth. One forged from a rare combination of manga influence and hard-edged crime.

I really hope to get this story out there and want to take what I've loved from manga growing up and mesh it with what I've enjoyed about comics, bringing the best of both worlds together. All while having a huge focus on characters and art. 

It may take some time, and trial and error, but I'm opening the door to an inside look for willing Patrons. So. Will you join me? Whether it's collages or comics, I'm grateful to be here and for your support!

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When I reach 5 Patrons, I'll do a free giveaway collage as a way of showing my thanks!
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