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Hello, this is HV Entertainment we are coming here to introduce you guys about why we are coming to Patreon. We are doing this because want your support. Don't you miss watching your old Hmong dubb or movies on the VHS. We will be uploading Hmong Dubb classic/or newer movies for you guys to watch. By becoming a patreon you are giving us more funding to upload newer movies/dramas for you guys to watch. Will upload movies once a weeks. 

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For this tier you'll be receiving the following items below.

- A Thank You message personally email from us.

- Received link to website and password to watch exclusive movies.

- Get to watch Hmong Dub movies/drama series 

Thanks for supporting!

Requestor Member
per month

Fans who choose this tier will be able to request any movie that they want to watch. 

- Cannot Guarantee that we would be able to find it or have it. We will try our best to find it and upload it for you to watch. 

- Personal Thank You from us.

Please do have the title/ picture of the movie that you request to make it easier for us to find what you request. FEEL FREE to cancel anytime if you cannot afford to pay $3/per month. You can always change it to $1/per month. Cannot guarantee that we will have the movie you requested but we will TRY OUR BEST!

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