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Hi, I'm Shylo Shepherd, founder, and organizer of HVREdev group.

I have had the great joy of leading the projects for a growing group of awesome people. Every day I am so grateful for the amazing community that we are building. I love the positively inspiring and collaborative spirit that we have in our growing group of doers and thinkers. It's my hope that we can continue to build the group we are developing into something that can help more and more people around the world gain much-needed experience to be more competitive in a demanding industry, and vicariously help the industry by helping individuals jumpstart their confidence and creativity to create better games and interactive media.

Here's a little backstory on our group...

In 2015 a few friends and I decided we wanted to get together to make a virtual haunted trail for the Samsung GearVR called Haunted Pixels and show it to the public. We did and had so much fun that we did something bigger for the HTC Vive in 2016 with Mortimer's Mansion, a survival horror puzzle game, which was featured at LexPlay 2016. For 2017 we completed an art project for the Google Cardboard called "Dreams" that was shown in an art show called "Rules and Play", then at an art show called "Senses of Place", and finally at LexPlay 2017.  We call the recurring project Hands-on Virtual Reality Experience or HVREdev. Now we are collaborating with people around the world to explore immersive technology for games and other alternate reality experiences.

Here's a montage/interview with our members this year giving them a chance to talk about their experience making Dreams. 

The projects aren't for everyone and we welcome those that just want to be part of the group for social and intellectual purposes as well. 

What problem are we solving...

So many people work on things they can never show in their portfolio or even talk about due to NDA's and such. It's a necessary thing, but it makes finding new work & hiring difficult when recent examples of a person's work are not available. Then there are the newbies, those that want to change career tracks, and those that are curious but just don't know if a particular role in game development, VR or related job would be right for them. You need some experience to get more experience, and it's competitive out there. 

People can "make their own stuff," and we totally encourage it, but working with a group allows you to focus on one area more, tackle something larger and show that you work well on a team. You have the chance to prove you're self-driven and perhaps even leadership material when you wouldn't otherwise have the opportunity. And sometimes it's just nice to have like-minded people to talk to, knowledgeable people to ask questions, and a community to motivate and inspire you.

That's where we come in.

HVRE is evolving into what I like to call a voluntary "Role-Play Studio" where members research their desired "real-life" positions, define a realistic set of goals and commitment for their time on the project, and play the role that best allows them to gain experience towards their goals with guidance and support from the community and mentors. The process is transparent and will be documented for the world to see. The project is organized online through a public Discord Server. The studio has a "client" to serve and will present solutions to the client's needs with monthly milestone meetings published publicly on YouTube.  At the end of the year, we will publish the project free-to-play with an MIT License on Google Play so that all members have something published and highly documented to add to their resume. Along the way, we will all be posting to social media as well as applying to competitions, exhibits and other forms of public exposure when possible. 

Why do we need your help?

Frankly, we could use some help with fees for contests, fees for publishing, and materials for exhibitions. We could always use mentors and influencers. And the more the merrier, so join us in our little experiment.

What do you get out of it?

Support by being a member or a mentor. Even if it's just curiosity or a personal goal, we want to help anyone with the drive to try. If you participate you get to work with new helpful and interesting people, collaborate on a fun project, learn new skills or get better at them, make and meet goals for personal interest or to help you define your career path, have interesting and meaningful conversations with people interested in similar things, contribute to something bigger than yourself, and have something to show off in your portfolio and resume.

Support by giving. With your support, we can do more! Even if it's just telling someone you know about it to help with exposure, or giving just $1 per thing. In exchange, you will have our gratitude and the thanks from all of our members for allowing them to become something greater than they were before. At the very least you'll get a special copy of the game created by the end of the year. Depending on how much you support us, you could get to name a character, be a voice or sound effect in the game, have your name in the game, or otherwise influence the making of the game in some way. We will have a variety of rewards for our wonderful fans and supporters throughout the project.

I am looking forward to creating amazing opportunities, games, art, articles, videos and more thanks to people like you.

Thank you very sincerely,
Shylo Shepherd and the HVREdev group
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