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About Jaco Haasbroek

My name is Jaco Haasbroek. I am an artist. One of my main projects is The Good News. I make fictional, light-hearted and generally positive newspaper headlines and put them up in and around Cape Town.

The concept came about when I was driving home and spotted a ‘STOLEN’ pet poster. It’s quite sad when someone loses a pet and the idea popped into my head that by simply adding ‘OUR HEARTS’ at the bottom of the poster it would completely change its meaning and give it a positive spin. This idea then evolved into the fake news posters, which rely on the use of wordplay to celebrate the little everyday victories.

I'm allowing the project to develop organically but would also like to expand the concept to include more than just the headlines. Possibly a publication of sorts.

I started the project in 2014 and it's been a bit slow going. In addition to the challenge of creating the headlines I've had to focus on other work which has kept me from working on The Good News full-time.

I quit my job 6 months ago and once again find myself juggling projects to try and make ends meet. Financial pressure is a real creativity killer and with your support I could focus most of my energy on this project and continue spreading The Good News.

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