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Writing Quote: See what your piece of writing qualifies for.

Email me a 2,000 word exert, and I will read over it!  ・ω・ 

Commentary will only be which Close Teaching Level it qualifies for.

Close Teaching #1 - Small Revision
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All Close Teachings need a prior Quote.

Send me a 2,000 word sample of your work, and I will help craft it further with you. This tier is for writers who are well on their way and only need a few changes.




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About Hades

Prices/setup may adjust. This is my first time on Patreon and I'm just seeing how everything works at first ^.^

As Patreon does not have a one-off payment system, when you are a patron, message me, and we will sort out the Quotes\Teachings etc separately via my paypal. Everything else is as priced (e.g a quote is $2, not $2 p/m)**. I will announce each job and whether I am available for jobs on the Patreon feed.
**Apart from Lessons.
Sorry if it's a bit confusing, but I would love to teach you! ◕ᴗ◕

Who teaches creative writing? Not many people, and in my experience, good teachers are hard to come by. I have had my share of people who charge but obviously don't read my writing (from their commentary) paired with unhelpful tips. 
I have years and years of experience writing, and I want to teach you! 
English isn't your first language
You are starting your creative journey
You simply want to improve your writing/grammar/editing

I am here for you! I have excellent reviews on Scribo and have also attained 3rd Prize in a Silverwood-Kobo Publishing competition in the UK.

That said:
  • I cannot teach those who do not wish to learn
  • Nobody is the One Voice of Creativity; some things will work, some things won't - I want to find what works for you.
  • I can only work at certain times of year, with a certain workload. I will post to let you know.
  • I am NOT an editor. I will not go through and edit works for you. I will add notes. Part of learning is practical application. Feel free to resubmit exerts for another quote.

I will NOT read:
  • Rape/Paedophilia/Bestiality
  • Racist content
  • Homophobic\LGBTQA-phobic content. 
  • Sexist content.
  • Illegible content (e.g i getz in2 car nd walk my dge home)

I will however:
  • Give constructive criticism in an encouraging manner - stories and creativity are a part of us, and having that criticized can hurt.
  • Colour co-ordinate commentary and not use red. We associate red with negativity, and learning should never be a negative experience.
  • Respect your ideas. You all have wonderful ideas, however not everyone can express them as well as others.
  • Try and make jokes. They may be lame.
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Help me get an agent for a publishing deal! My country doesn't accept manuscripts without agents.
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