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Space Travelers are those who would come on the ride with me. You get a personal thank you email from me and latest news updates.
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Space Cadets are those. Who are committed to the music and credo of Hadron_Converter, travel the solar system then onwards and outwards. Evolve to the next stage of civilisation.   You get a personal thank you email from me with a download link for 3  of my tracks.




Hi, I am Hadron Converter. It is my personal musical mission to inspire humanity to journey out into space. I want to recapture that wonder and optimism that we had as the space program began during the 1960's and we believed everything was possible.
My music is mainly over Sci-Fi themes, Space Travel and the wonders to be found in Space. 
I use a variety of instruments including guitar, piano, organ and synthesizer as well as flutes, clarinets and whatever I think is useful for the sounds. Also with my music I don't like to lean too heavily on midi (although I do use it where I think it has a place) and tend to play a live performance over rhythm tracks that I make myself from live recordings. The main thing I use midi for all the time is drums as I don't have the room or facilities to do live drums.
I hope you will come with me on a musical journey and put your hearts and minds in support the human race having a future in Space.
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Purchase stock video footage and effects for video editor so that I can produce more entertaining videos for you, my fríends.
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