is creating The best videos on youtube and never selling out

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You will be helping me make YouTube my primary focus in life and step closer to becoming a youtube God.

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So your here thats a plus! :)Well welcome to my patreon if you follow me on YouTube you know i love creating videos its a passion of mine and i would love to be able to create better quality content and be able to have the time to upload more which would in turn give me more time to make my videos THE BOMB!

Why do i need patreon?
So here it is il lay it down the more i earn through YouTube and generous donations from fans the more time i can put aside for creating the content i love making. I mean YouTube is an amazing platform they just are not paying creators enough to spend hours or even days on end for a single video. Hence the need for patreon.

You think you have a bit of spare cash lying around? Dont know what to do if you like my channel and want to help me grow and get better as i go a small donation could be the difference for me being able to put YouTube and content creation as MY MAIN focus from when i wake up to when i go to bed. I MEAN I LOVE THIS SHIT! Let me put it this way donate and we will give the fanboys hell together!
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I promise to slowly but surely conquer the platform that is youtube and slay one sellout after the other.
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