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About Ethan and Sydney

Hello everybody!  My name is Ethan, and I love to write—but writing is the easy part, and Sydney's the real reason these scraps become books. 

We've been working on one story for three and a half years, now.  It's evolved over time, followed a winding path that never really had traditional publishing as a guiding star.  Halflings was an experiment between the two of us. 
And it's not been easy, but I think it's worth it.
And so it's here!  Over 500 pages when you put it all together (I do wonder why publishers wouldn't risk it from a new author) and being released completely free, now and always.

But the fantasy world Halflings takes place in (Kengur) has a massive wealth of information to delve into—from ecology and map-making to the legends the Kengen have to explain weather—and Halflings is already too big to bring on an airplane without being searched.  Hence the need for a place to keep all the valuable information on the ecosystems, magic, government, history, geography, and legends of Kengur!  All this and more (and by "and more" I mean bloopers and totally-not-canon short stories) is available to our patrons here.

To everyone out there who has made Kengur a living and breathing place by their support, we want to thank you. It's a beautiful place, but it's always been special because we don't have to go alone.

A link to the table of contents for Halflings

(Please keep in mind that I am currently sending content out through Google Docs.  Other publishing methods have been senselessly expensive and complicated, and I firmly believe it's the easiest way for all of you to read Halflings for free at this point in time, but we are open to suggestions!)

If you have any tips, ideas, or questions, you can email us here.  We'll get back to you as soon as we can!
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When we have ten patrons, I'll arrange a video group call so we can just talk about stuff, and I'll start posting daily updates.  If that's what you want.  If not, we'll figure something out!
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