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Hello Halo Fans,

Using Halo 5's Theater Mode, I try to emulate having a Hollywood film crew to create videos balancing art and gameplay skill. My creations are going to transcribe into Halo 6, or Halo: Infinite, granted there is still a Theater Mode option. I'm working very hard to make this content interesting and I'm always open to suggestions and feedback.

If you enjoy my videos, it would make my world if you could offer $1/month so I can keep giving this channel more of my time and energy.

I know, Halo 5 is headed out the door. But remember, there are still people who play Halo 3 and 4 just like there will always be those who stick around and/or revisit Halo 5. This is my favorite halo by far because of the freedom of movement and agility capabilities. I'm a first person shooter fan, the quick-thinking, fast reflexes, joystick try-hard and though I appreciate the story of Halo this is not where I specialize. I haven't even played the campaign mode for Halo 5, opting to play around forge for thousands of hours instead. I'm a match-making mercenary who is unique to other players because when you play with me, you never know when you might show up in a youtube video, like this gauss cannon gunner I drove around on Viking one time. To this day I'm not sure he knows he's in a video despite me reaching out. I love that! See it here:

My videos aim to keep you guessing with short, dramatized gameplay moments, syncopated to music. You know those unplanned, uncoordinated, extraordinary moments that happen in Halo 5, just depicted in a somewhat Matrix-like/Anime-like cinematic style to the extent of my ability to useTheater Mode and FCPX's abilities. May my tools and support evolve.

Keeping Halo 5 alive,

$0 of $500 per month
If I reach my goal of $500

I would be able to spend most of my time creating videos

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