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About Halo Quin

Dear reader,
If you're still waiting, consider this your invitation... 
Each of us is part of the world, part of a world which has magic in it. I know, I've seen it. I bet you've seen it too, even if you've talked yourself out of it. If you're part of that world then, logically, you have magic in you too. 
Dear reader, you too are magical. 
It's easy in a culture of materialism to reduce everything down into cogs and wheels, to ignore the signs and the sparks of enchantment, to over-analyse and dismiss the subtle flow of what is possible. But even then, even under a materialistic model, magic works. Placebos, NLP, hypnosis... Our minds and willpower creates change in our lives. 
And as soon as you start to DO magic, you'll see that it works far beyond what is probable in a mechanical world. The spirits start to oil those wheels, and give you glimpses of what else is possible. The gears shift and your luck improves, you know which way to go and the path ahead becomes easier. In the stories of faeries and spirits and gods, we can see other ways of being in the world and how they can help us when we honour them; there are lessons to be learned there too. 
That's what I want to share with you here. Thoughts on the why and suggestions for the how. Lessons and ideas for bringing more magic into your life. And stories. Faery stories, poetry, pieces of my storytelling show, The Goblin Circus, with enchantment woven throughout. All aimed towards giving you the power and the skills to improve your luck and lot in life. 
Magic is first and foremost practical. If you choose to put it into practice you will see results. 
Lessons, exercises, suggestions and tips for practical magic to improve your life and put enchantment into your hands.
Poetry, short stories and other fiction that expresses the magic in our world, to bring a sense of enchantment into your heart.
Pondering on magic and theories as to how magic works, to enchant your mind. 
And the knowledge that you're supporting a witch in doing her work in the world to bring enchantment to more people so we can all do our bit to make the world a better place. 

The world is a beautiful and challenging place, full of enchantment and struggle and possibility. The tools of magic are one way in which we can strengthen ourselves and conjure more of what's good into the world and our lives. My life is better for the magic I've learned and I want to share that with you through story, writings about magic, and practical things you can do.

A few years ago I found myself standing in the doorway of a rune caster seeking my mission in life. After the runes he asked if I wanted to know what he'd seen as I walked in the door... Of course I did. 
"A shining being pressed a golden quill into your hand and whispered in your ear: Write." 
As a child I devoted myself to the Faery Queen... And she had me write a path to enchantment. 
I met Cerridwen who sent me on a journey... I landed in West Wales... And the stories sang through the land, so I learned them, worked with them, and wrote them down for other pagans to find their way. 
I set out to find faeries... and they sent me goblins. The Goblins insisted we set up a circus. And the Goblin Circus - a one woman, many goblin circus made of stories - came to be. 
I found myself face to face with an angel who swept me up on an adventure teaching what I have spent my life doing... And, importantly, writing it down. 
The spirits keep sending me back to the pen and the page and I have spent my life immersed in magic. If you enjoy my writings, enjoy my stories, enjoy learning about magic and hearing pondering on paganism, please consider lending your support to my work... 

Find my adventures, books, and classes here: www.haloquin.net

(changes to tiers coming soon...) 

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts
Audio release

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