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About Happy Admission

About Happy Admission:

Animation - Park Security
Happy Admission creates animation you can watch for free on YouTube! The series titled "Park Security" follows the standard 11 minute TV show length and takes place inside a fictional theme park named Happy Admission, following security guards Kaine and Marcus as they take down evil and go on adventures. Wacky characters who live in different galaxies have rides and attractions themed after them, and they are able to travel as employees back and forth to Happy Admission through special portal doorways.

Video Game - Happy Coasters (coming soon)
Experience Happy Admission roller coasters seen on Park Security with the free-to-play mobile video game! Control the roller coaster speed as you maneuver obstacles and enemies across various unique roller coasters! Unlock additional characters, vehicles and coasters as you play. Extra content will be released in future game updates.
Happy Coasters will be available on iOS and Android.

Happy Admission LLC was officially founded in 2018 by Nicholas Copeland. Check out the website to learn more - HappyAdmission.com

Note from Nicholas:

Hi, and thank you for visiting my Patreon! I am a one man team doing what I love in my spare time. There is nothing I would rather spend my time doing.

For a long time my dream job has been to create and write for an animated TV series. So, instead of just dreaming, I finally decided to start a company and do it! The first step was to create a premise for the cartoon. I previously worked as a security guard at a hospital, and theme parks/amusement parks are among the absolute best places to be in the entire world. I put these two things together and created Happy Admission. 

I solely developed the Happy Coasters game as a way for fans to show support and have fun at the same time. This is my favorite way for fans to show support. I am extremely proud of the content, game mechanics, optimization, and most of all, what I think is an extremely fair monetization method. Gamers are not forced to watch advertisements if they don't want to, and they can enjoy the game without making in game purchases. Development took many, many hours, but it was worth it. I hope you will give it a try once it's released. 

Ways to support:

1. (FREE!) Subscribe, watch, and like the videos on YouTube!
2. (FREE!) (Coming soon) Download the video game from your phones app store and leave a rating/review! There are also optional in game purchases available (PAID).
3. (FREE!) Follow on social media!
@HappyAdmission on Twitter and Instagram.
@theNickCopeland on Twitter and Instagram.
4. (FREE!) Share with family and friends! Sharing videos, mentioning @HappyAdmission on social media, and just spreading the word in general will all make a huge difference!
5. (PAID) Voluntary donation here on Patreon! Funding will go towards advertising to help grow the company, with the hope that a larger fan base will some day allow Happy Admission to financially self support itself and my cost of living. This would allow me to go full time creating content. 

Thank you for your support!!
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