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About Happy Never After Podcast

Meet Mara & Andrew: New York City comedians with DIVORCE in common. Both comedians, and affected by divorce, these two friends did what any New Yorkers pursuing comedy would do: they created a podcast.

As it turns out, listeners have said not only are they laughing WITH us, but they're even finding ways to cope and deal with their own divorce, or ugly break up. And for some reason, our listeners have humbled us (even Andrew), and have asked for more HNA! 

Mara and Andrew want you to continue listening on your favorite platform, such as iTunes, Spotify, TuneIn, or SoundLink for FREEThat's right... Enjoy our craziness for F-R-E-E! But, if you'd like to help the hosts curate wickedly hilarious content that's only available here?  Consider becoming a patron of the Happy Never After Podcast !

Examples of what we can achieve together: 
  • Ensure the hosts have access to their favorite SWF beverage that sparks song in them (and hey, we can record that now! And heck! We can dance now that we've got video!) 
  • Help Mara and Andrew cover the expenses it takes to cover production (Approximately $600-$1,000 an episode
  • Cover the costs to Photoshop Andrew's "TBT photos" (cost unknown....😬)
Any little bit helps the podcast create MORE hysterical content that you're unsure whether or not to laugh or cringe.

Not Sure Yet? That's Fine.
As our Patreon project evolves, you'll learn more information about special posts, Patreon-only episodes, and secret content unavailable on any other platform. Please consider following us here for additional Patreon-only content.

Jokes aside, Mara and Andrew love creating and sharing their comedy. They love helping people laugh through the challenges that are brought on by divorce. By becoming a patron you can give this dynamic duo (and their mighty team) the ability to focus on more content, more laughs, and more hope toward clenching the ultimate goal: a Canada Dry sponsorship. #Goals

Mara + Andrew
With the Never After Crew
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....We love you, you love us. We want to continue to grow our D-Hive community to sharing stories and laughing through divorce, and break-ups. As we grow, we want to continue to bring you exciting guests, stories, and probably singing. 

One GREAT way to tell us what you want to see on our Patreon page is by e-mailing us. [email protected]!
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