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About Hare of the Rabbit

What is Hare of the Rabbit?
A weekly podcast where we learn all about rabbits together!

Welcome to the Hare of the Rabbit Podcast where we explore everything that is rabbit.
We look at the different rabbit breeds, history, superstitions, pop culture, news and more.
I would like to thank you for joining me and listening, I am your host, Jeff Hittinger.
I am not an expert, I am just curious about learning more about rabbits just like you.
My aim with the Hare of the Rabbit Podcast is to bring you a dynamic, informative and entertaining program about rabbits. Normally I release an episode, fresh and original, every week.  I want to bring you inspiration and new ideas, help you break through boundaries and try new things, or just entertain you for a while, if that's what you need.

Episode 1 was released in January 2017.  I "broadcast" from Stanardsville, near Charlottesville, in America, where I live with my wife Tina, our daughter Anja and our son Nych.

What am I doing here?
Producing the show has had some one-off costs.  I bought a proper camera, lights, microphones, and we upgraded the PC that we use for editing and rendering the podcast.  I also have some ongoing costs -  web-hosting, backup services, internet access.

But our major investment in the show is my time. Arranging guests, preparing for and doing interviews, editing and other post-production activities all take a lot of time.   I am proud of what I produce and love meeting the people of our community, it is challenging doing this on love alone.

What's this "Patreon"??
Patreon is an established online platform that allows fans to provide regular financial support to creators. Patreon was created by a musician who needed a easy way for fans to support his band.

What do you need?
Please support Hare of the Rabbit Podcast financially by becoming a Patron. Patrons agree to a regular contribution, starting at $1 per episode. There is a small processing fee, and I will be paying tax, but most of your money goes directly towards supporting the Hare of the Rabbit Podcast. You can change or stop your payments at any time.

I think that's a great model.  Hare of the Rabbit stays available to everyone, and those who want to provide financial support can do so - easily, safely and efficiently.

So I am asking you to become a Patron.

What's in it for me?
I have worked out some "rewards" to show my gratitude for your support.  I hope you enjoy these, but most importantly, as a Patron, you know that you are keeping the Hare of the Rabbit Podcast, and our guests, on air.

What if I just can't do that?
And if, for whatever reason, financial support is not something that you can do right now, please know that I love all of my listeners . Keep listening, enjoy the show, get your inspiration and, where you can, support my guests. And if you are inspired, or if you've learned something from an episode, leave a comment here or at HareoftheRabbit.com and tell us what the show did for you.

So you mean...
I think the Hare of the Rabbit Podcast is great.  I love producing it, and I want to continue.  I have learned so much by creating this podcast, but I am depending on your support.

If you value the Hare of the Rabbit Podcast, and you want it to continue, and you are able to make a financial contribution, then please choose the level of your contribution and become a Patron.

Thank you
Thank you for giving me your time.
$19 of $55 per month
This goal will cover the current hosting expenses for the podcast!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts
Audio releases
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