Harrison Gibbins

is creating YouTube videos mainly about CSGO
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Goodman! (+ link to my first video on my channel & add me on steam)
Now that adblock has taken over the interwebs, it's quite hard to get value for the time spent making videos. If you have an extra penny and would like to support me, this would be your good deed for the month!
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Monthly video with your name in it! (+ access to Patreon Posts)
Each month I will do a video thanking everyone who supported my patreon, you will be in this as a thank you for being so generous! You have access to posting stuff on this patreon page as well as have access to random stuff I post for you patreon's to see!
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Vote for a series
Each month I will do a strawpoll of all the new games coming out and you can vote on what series you'd like to see most, only patreons can vote in this strawpoll!
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About Harrison Gibbins

Hey Everyone!
Thanks for stopping by and taking a look at my patreon page! My name is Harrison but on YouTube, i'm known as Harisunn. I make YouTube videos mainly based around Counter-Strike Global Offensive but every know and then I upload different games. I am currently studying game programming so one day, you people can record videos playing the game I sunk hours into making.

Why support me?
Personally, I am so grateful that people enjoy watching my videos on YouTube, there is no greater feeling waking up in the morning seeing so many likes and nice comments on my videos, it allows me to start my day off with a smile. I have made this patreon so that whoever would like to support me even further then watching my videos may. I appreciate every single dollar donated to this patreon from the bottom of my heart. The money will be spent on allowing me to make better videos for my subscribers and also allow me to spend more time doing so. 

Please don't feel like you have to support this patreon, I am already so lucky that I have people coming back each day watching my videos and sending me extremely nice messages. Thank you so much to everyone who watch my videos <3
$0 of $200 per month
Currently my internet is totally garbage, one of my goals and passions is streaming, if we manage to hit this goal we will be able to pay for better internet and start streaming everyday :)
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