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About Harry E. Frederick

Ever since our fortiutious connecting at Comic-Con in 2008, we have been teaming up to drop fresh rhymes and play concerts for our fans and friends. It's been a wild ride and it feels like we are just getting started. For the last three years, we have been working on an album and are glad to say that it is 90% finished! In other words, this will be in your hands this year! We know some Kickstarters have taken longer than expected, but this project is super close to being complete.
To complete the album and to release it the most professional way possible, we are back on Kickstarter seeking your help and support. (Please note - everything offered here is 100% separate from our respective Patreons and we will keep dropping exclusive flavor on that platform as well.)
Being independent artists is both liberating and enjoyable, but also a lot of work. We've never had the benefit of million dollar studios or huge budgets to create our art, so we make the most with what we have... DIY 'till we die. (Just saying.) That's where you all come in! There are many different amazing levels at which you can support. You can own a piece of nerd rap history. We are offering the laptops we used to help make this album, which we will sign for you!

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