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About Harry Meas

Ahoy there!

My name is Harry Meas and I love love love love (did I mention love) creating Music.  

I do some of everything:
  • Create music (DjMeas for my video game music and Bit Bit Orunge for my space music project)
  • Write poetry (I work with a singer named Emie from the UK to write songs for my band Undercover Apple)
  • And sing (when I'm feeling brave in the shower)

Take a listen!

The early pages of my personal save file...

As a young boy growing up in the golden age of the NES, video games were a huge part of my life.  I was a plumber, a hero, a karate champ, a boxer, and even a toad - it just depended on what cartridge was inside the system (after rigorous blowing underneath my shirt).  To some, the music may have not sounded like much, but I just loved what could be created with 4 channels, some squares and saws, and imagination.  

Fast forwarding a bit, I found myself wanting to create music that expressed these adventures.  There's something magical about video game music.  It doesn't want to be sitting idly  in the background of your experience, but rather, it wants to take center stage coming out of your speakers.  It longs for  great melodies that aren't afraid to go beyond the everyday tune.  It is absolute in itself, yet it tells a story.  In short, to the gamer, it is music unbound.

In the previous chapters...

I spent the last 2 years recording a short EP for Undercover Apple which landed Emie and I airtime on BBC radio and we were invited to an on-the-air interview.  Unfortunately, that's when a random encounter (cue Final Fantasy battle music) took me out.  I became very ill and am still recovering today.  

Where I am currently in the game...

I finally feel well enough again to start creating music.  Honestly, sometimes I feel like it's the driving force in my recovery.  I had to sell some of my music equipment to help pay for hospital bills and such, but I'm starting over fresh and it feels fantastic.

How can YOU and Patreon assist in my quest?

Like Kickstarter, which can help raise funds for a big project, Patreon helps content creators like myself to do what they love and connects us with fans who are interested in supporting that.  What sets Patreon apart is that you can make small contributions along the way, aiding me in my quest to journey from castle to castle to save the princess (not literally).

I plan to start releasing a new track every 2 weeks, regardless of funding.  Sparing your time, ears, and a few dollars each month will help take my content to THE NEXT LEVEL!

Check out the rewards below and thanks for stopping by!

Download my latest Video Game Music tracks here:

HarryVGM Music Page

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